J1000 32-bit VST Plugins
MCS6 v1.0
Serial multiband compressor and saturator. Six stages of processing allowing many combinations - you can compress, saturate, equalize, control stereo, de-ess etc. Clear user interface optimized for fast and precise workflow. Big PeakScope display showing output of each stage separately. 2.2 Mb
BTQ2 v1.6
Simple equalizer that twists bass and treble using two interlocked pairs of shelf and peak filters. Some famous studio equalizers use this method to achieve deep bass and sparkling treble while simultaneously reducing muddiness and harshness. Additional tilt control adjusts spectrum slope. Main advantage of BTQ2 is that it allows you to get desired results quickly. 2.3 Mb
MQ57 v1.63
Parametric mid/side equalizer designed for mastering. MQ57 has all controls and functions optimized for mastering needs: it has relatively wide Q factors that focus on overall balance rather than narrow cuts and boosts, moderate gain ranges for fine-tuning and functions such as channel linking and precise cut filters. 2.6 Mb
MQ55 v1.52
Parametric mixing equalizer based on MQ57. Most of the functions are the same, except that MQ55 operates only in stereo mode, has cut filters with milder slopes and greater operating ranges and gain ratio that acts like dry/wet control. 2.4 Mb
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